Wrist Pain Treatment Solution-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Keyboard Link

While wrist pain may be caused by a wide variety of situations, the most common for those of us who use the computer is via the keyboard. Specifically, the standard "straight" keyboard issued with most computers creates an unnatural angle between the wrists and the elbows which causes potential stress on the joints.

When I bought my two M BRACE RCA units, I also switched to the Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite. In combination, the pain went away, and the keyboard prevented me from continuing to injure myself.

The successor to the Microsoft Keyboard Elite (now discontinued) is the Perixx PERIBOARD-512 Ergonomic Split Keyboard. You can find it via any Amazon website search box by entering the Unique Amazon "ASIN" Number(s) as follows: B075GZVD4T (Black) and B075H1D95N (White) as of March 2018. The White Version was an Amazon Prime selection at $39.99 with 4.5 Stars and 96 Reviews in Q1 2018.


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