Wrist Pain Treatment Solution-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Carpal Tunnel Problem & Solution

Mark A. Davini, DC, DABCN & Inventor of the M BRACE RCA™

Some 3 million people will suffer from CTS this year. In a number of industries, CTS will result in nine times the average number of work days lost due to any other injury. Furthermore, according to the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 27 million workers reported one or more days of hand discomfort. This is not just a problem; it is a near epidemic.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome became the Number One industrial problem affecting worker productivity during the 1990's.  Up until now, we have been faced with limited and outdated technology.

Restrictive bracing doesn't work. Prolonged immobilization of the wrist results in adhesions developing. If you don't move it, you lose it. Not to  mention, no mobility means no job.

Elastic bandages don't work. By squeezing the bone structure together and putting pressure on an already irritated area, the condition may actually worsen.

Surgery doesn't work. By cutting the ligament, the tunnel does get bigger.  But when the patient goes back to the old repetitive job, CTS can develop all over again, often worse than ever.

In the three approaches mentioned above, all of the principles of state-of-the-art thinking with regards to tissue rehabilitation have been thrown away.  You need a functional approach to wrist-related problems.

What I sought to develop was a supportive device that would allow the mobility necessary for soft tissue healing, prevent compression of an already swollen area, and enable the patient to stay on his or her job while maintaining full use of the wrist and fingers without pain.

After eight years of research, I found it:

The M BRACE RCA Radi-ul Carpression Angle™

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the most complex clinical problems you face can be treated with a basic fundamental approach?

The M BRACE RCA Radi-ul Carpression Angle™ is simple. Support the normal structure and let the body heal itself. We've stripped away all the cumbersome, medieval excesses of traditional braces and reduced our brace to one that supports the carpal tunnel without debilitating constriction and immobilization.

The M BRACE RCA™ allows for normal patient activity to continue without the burden of pain. This means healing actually takes place even while the patient continues to engage in the work or sports activities that may have caused CTS in the first place.

The M BRACE RCA™ maintains the normal U-shape of the carpal tunnel without compressing it, so nerve irritation is minimized and healing can commence.

The M BRACE RCA™ is also effective in preventing structural fatigue which results in CTS.

Well over 10,000 M BRACE RCA™ devices have been prescribed by Doctors of Chiropractic and physical therapists nationwide over the past 20 years as an aid in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome...and the number of repeat orders is a testament to its effectiveness.


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