Wrist Pain Treatment Solution-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



Great News: M Brace RCA Carpal Tunnel Treatment Wrist Support units are now available directly from Amazon.com at only $25 per unit with Amazon's Money-Back Guaranty when you select *Free* Super-Saver Shipping. That's a $5 savings off the single-unit price because there is no shipping charge when your order is fulfilled by Amazon and you choose the Free Super Saver Shipping option. "Prime" members are eligible to receive free two-day shipping. Click Here for the link to the Amazon.com listing.

Credit Card Payment Via PayPal

You may use your credit card to place your USA order even if you do NOT have a PayPal account. There is no fee for the use of the PayPal service. ALL major credit cards are accepted. Your credit card information will remain confidential via PayPal's secure server and will not be disclosed to www.wrist-pain.com.

The total delivered price of one M Brace RCA unit is $30.00 for shipment to destinations within the United States. The total delivered price of two units is $50, which represents a $10 discount versus the delivered price of just one unit. Shipping and handling costs are *included* in the total delivered prices. I utilize U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation service. USPS Priority Mail typically arrives in two to three business days including Saturday. I will provide you with the U.S. Mail tracking number so you can monitor the progress of the shipment to your delivery address.

When you order three units at one time, the price is $75 delivered and when you order four units, the price is $100 delivered. The maximum dollar amount of an M Brace RCA order placed via credit card through PayPal is $100 for four units.

For orders of more than four M Brace RCA units and for all international orders (including Canada), you will need to place your order via Amazon.com.

PayPal (*USA ONLY*) Order Quantity


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